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Media History in Canada Database

Author: Roy, Fernande
Title: Recent Trends in Research on the History of the Press in Quebec: Towards a Cultural History
Year: 2009
Publication: Communicating in Canada's Past: Essays In Media History
Editor: Gene Allen and Daniel J. Robinson
Pages: 257-270
Place: Toronto
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Abstract: This chapter discusses the problem of a lack of research into press history in Quebec. Most historical research uses newspapers as sources but does not focus on newspapers as the object of study. No methodological guides exist for studying newspapers, the author argues. The author then proceeds to categorize the research and approaches found between 2000 and 2006. Most studies involved content analysis, but there was a wider range of topics of study compared to previous eras of media history. A cultural approach came to dominate scholars' work, the author found. by Duncan Koerber