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Media History in Canada Database

Author: Vipond, Mary
Title: When and Whither: The Historiography of Canadian Broadcasting
Year: 2009
Publication: Communicating in Canada's Past: Essays In Media History
Editor: Gene Allen and Daniel J. Robinson
Pages: 233-256
Place: Toronto
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Abstract: This chapter presents an assessment of the major scholarly writing on Canadian broadcasting history, arguing that the field has been marginal and needs to grow, considering how important the mass media is to modern society. Vipond organizes the literature in three generations or eras. The first era, in the 1960s, tended to look at how the government developed broadcasting against a perceived American threat, with emphasis on the public broadcaster, the CBC. This literature employed official documents and did not deal much with private broadcasting. The second era, in the 1970s and 1980s, questioned the previous era's assumptions, particularly that the CBC effort was good for regions. Building on her previous studies of literature in radio and mass media more recently, Vipond then presents a third era from 2000-2006 that seems to be growing in output and variation, focusing more on private broadcasting and local broadcasting. Vipond still believes broadcasting history must become more important in historical studies, and says a major hole that remains, among others, is the study of audience reception of broadcasting. by Duncan Koerber