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Have a new source to add to the database?
Have a suggestion for improving the site?
Contact Duncan Koerber with details at admin@mediahistory.ca

If submitting a source, please include as many details as possible plus an abstract if you've read it. Your abstract will be bylined.

Please note that right now the database includes only English-language sources. I am looking for a scholar fluent in French who could help with the assessment of French sources, using the criteria below, and who could write abstracts and assign keywords. If interested, contact me at the address above.

Criteria for inclusion

1] The source may contain any number of pages about mediated communication of any form and its related political, cultural, legal, economic, and social contexts (sometimes books on other subjects contain some discussion of mediated communication, which is useful even if the book is not explicitly about mediated communication).

2] The source or selection must have a Canadian element.

3] Lastly, the author must have written about the media from an historical perspective; in other words, the author must have written about the media in the past, not media in his or her current time (For example, an article written in 1985 about cable television in 1985 would not count as media history even though the article is 24 years old today).