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Author Title Year
----  History of the Book In Canada -- Electronic Resources  ----
Acland, Charles  Histories of Place and Power: Innis in Canadian Cultural Studies  1999
Acland, Charles  Introduction: Harold Innis: A Genealogy of Contesting Portraits  1999
Acland, Charles  Patterns of Cultural Authority: The National Film Society of Canada and the Institutionalization of Film Education, 1938-41  2000
Albota, Robert  Dan MacArthur’s concept of objectivity for the CBC News Service  1991
Allan, Andrew  All the Bright Company: Radio Drama Produced by Andrew Allan  1987
Allard, Thomas J.  Straight up: private broadcasting in Canada, 1918-1958  1979
Allen, Gene  Across the Border: Associated Press in Canada, 1894-1917  2006
Allen, Gene  Monopolies of news: Harold Innis, the telegraph and wire services  2007
Allen, Gene  Business, Culture, and the History of News, 1870–1930: A Case Study of the ‘Political/Commercial’ Dichotomy  2008
Allen, Gene  News and Nationality in Canada, 1890-1930  2009
Allen, Gene  Old Media, New Media, and Competition: Canadian Press and the Emergence of Radio News  2009
Allen, Gene  North American Triangle: Canadian Press, Associated Press and Reuters, 1918-1939  2011
Allen, Gene  Making National News: a History of Canadian Press  2013
Allen, Gene and Robinson, Daniel J.   Communicating in Canada's Past  2009
Allen, Gene, and Robinson, Daniel J.   Introduction: Media History as Concept and Practice  2009
Anderson, Robin  The British Columbia View of Cartoonist J.B. Fitzmaurice, 1908-1909  2008
Andrew, Sheila  Shaping a Sense of Humour. The Rise of the Written Joke in 19th-Century Acadian Newspapers: 1867-87  1997
Angus, Ian  Orality in the twilight of humanism: a critique of the communication theory of Harold Innis  1993
Angus, Ian  A Border Within: National Identity, Cultural Plurality and Wilderness  1997
Angus, Ian and Shoesmith, Brian  Dependency/space/policy: an introduction to a dialogue with Harold Innis  1993
Armstrong, Frederick J.  Reformer as Capitalist: William Lyon Mackenzie and the printer’s strike of 1836  1967
Armstrong, Robert  Broadcasting Policy in Canada  2010
Arnold, Gladys  One Woman’s War: A Canadian Reporter With the Free French  1987
Askin, William R.  Labour unrest in Edmonton and its coverage by the Edmonton press  1973
Babaian, Sharon A.  Radio communication in Canada: a historical and technological survey  1992
Babe, Robert E.  Telecommunications in Canada: Technology, Industry, and Government  1990
Babe, Robert E.  Canadian Communication and the Legacy of Graham Spry  1993
Babe, Robert E.  Canadian Communication Thought: Ten Foundational Writers  2000
Babe, Robert E.  Foundations of Canadian Communication Thought  2000
Babe, Robert E.  Innis and the News  2006
Babe, Robert E.   Media, Structures, and Power: The Robert E. Babe Collection  2011
Beale, Alison  Harold Innis and Canadian cultural policy in the 1940s  1993
Beattie, Eleanor G.  Public education in the mass media: "National Farm Radio Forum" on CBC Radio  1999
Beaulieu, Michel  Reel history: Film production at the Lakehead, 1911--1931  2003
Beaulieu, Michel S.  The Best Picture Ever Made in Canada? Thunder Bay Films Limited and The Devil Bear  2005
Beaulieu, Michel S.  We did it just for fun: Amateur Filmmaking at the Lakehead, 1929-1930  2007
Beaven, Brian P.N.  A Last Hurrah: Studies in Liberal Party Development and Ideology in Ontario, 1878--1893  1982
Beaven, Brian P.N.  Partisanship, Patronage, and the Press in Ontario, 1880-1914: Myths and Realities  1983
Beck, J. Murray  Joseph Howe  1982
Bell, Ken  The Way We Were  1988
Benn, Carl  The Upper Canadian Press, 1793-1815  1978
Bernard, Elaine  The long distance feeling: A history of the telecommunications workers union  1982
Bird, R.  Documents of Canadian broadcasting  1988
Black, David J.  "Both of us can move mountains": Mary Quayle Innis and her relationship to Harold Innis' legacy  2003
Blake, Dennis Edward  J.W. Bengough and Grip the Canadian editorial cartoon comes of age  1985
Bland, Susan  Henrietta the Homemaker, and ‘Rosie the Riveter’: Images of Women in Advertising in Maclean's Magazine, 1939-50  1983
Blondheim, Menahem  News Over the Wires: the Telegraph and the Flow of Public Information in America, 1844-1897  1994
Blondheim, Menahem  Harold Adams Innis and his Bias of Communication  2003
Blondheim, Menahem  Discovering "The Significance of Communication": Harold Adams Innis as Social Constructivist  2004
Blondheim, Menahem  'The Significance of Communication' According to Harold Adams Innis  2007
Blondheim, Menahem, and Watson, Rita P. M  Introduction: Innis, Mcluhan and the Toronto School  2007
Blyth, J.A.  The development of the paper industry in old Ontario  1970
Bone, John R., Clark, Joseph T., Colquhoun, A.H.U. and Mackay, John F.  A history of Canadian journalism in the several portions of the Dominion with a sketch of the Canadian Press Association, 1859-1908  1908
Boultbee, Paul G.  Red Deer newspapers 1894-1996  1999
Bourrie, Mark   The Fog of War. Censorship of Canada’s Media in World War Two  2011
Bowsfield, Hartwell  Upper Canada in the 1820's: The Development of a Political Consciousness  1976
Boyd, Douglas A.  French-and English-language broadcasting in Quebec: the evolution of radio and television in a bilingual society  1992
Braggins, Donna  "Maclean's": The accidental nationalist. How hustling for ads built a national icon  2008
Brault, Lucien  Century of reporting: the National Press Club anthology  1967
Bray, Robert Matthew  The influence of Sir Clifford Sifton on the foundation of the editorial policy of the Manitoba Free Press, 1916-1921  1968
Breeze, Sherrill  Editorial response to Communism in the English language press in Canada during the 1930s  1970
Brennan, J.W.  Press and party in Saskatchewan, 1914-1929  1974
Brennan, Patrick H.  Reporting the Nation’s Business: Press-Government Relations During the Liberal Years, 1935–1957  1994
Brown, Lorne A.  Progressivism and the press in Saskatchewan  1966
Bruce, Charles  News and the Southams  1968
Bruce, Jean  The Toronto Globe and the manpower problem: 1914-1917  1967
Brush, Philippa Mary  "This feminine invasion": Women and the workplace in Canadian magazines, 1900-1930  1999
Buchanan, Carrie  A Changing Sense of Place in Canadian Daily Newspapers: 1894-2005  2010
Burkholder, Mabel  "Kit" Kathleen Blake Coleman: Pioneer Canadian Newswoman  1933
Burr, Christina  Defending "The Art Preservative": Class and Gender Relations in the Printing Trades Unions, 1850-1914  1993
Burr, Christina  Gender, sexuality, and nationalism in J. W. Bengough's verses and political cartoons  2002
Burtt, Judith  The reaction of the Quebec press to the American debate on the League of Nations  1972
Buxton, William J.  Harold Innis' Excavation of Modernity: The Newspaper Industry, Communications, and the Decline of Public Life  1998
Buxton, William J.  The bias against communication: on the neglect and non-publication of the "incomplete and unrevised manuscript" of Harold Adams Innis  2001
Buxton, William J.  Harold Innis' "French inflection": origins, themes, and implications of his 1951 address at le College de France  2004
Buxton, William J.  The ‘Values’ Discussion Group at the University of Toronto, February-May 1949  2004
Buxton, William J., and Catharine McKercher  Newspapers, Magazines and Journalism in Canada: Towards a Critical Historiography  1998
Cairns, James  From Social Celebration to Politics as Usual: Newspaper coverage of the Legislative Opening in Ontario, 1900--2007  2008
Cairns, James  Ontario Throne Speeches Through the Lens of Mass Media  2008
Cairns, James  Politics? Fear Not! The Rise of The Average Superhero in the Visual Rhetoric of Bill Davis's 1971 Election Pamphlet  2009
Cairns, James  From Social Celebration to Social Deliberation: The Rise of Liberal-Pluralist Symbolism in Ontario  2010
Calderwood, William  Pulpit, press and political reactions to the Ku Klux Klan in Saskatchewan  1972
Campbell, Kathryn  Deviance, Inversion and Unnatural Love: Lesbians in Canadian Media, 1950-1970  1998
Canning, Gregory  Moving Pictures at the Opera House: The Introduction of Motion Pictures to the Town of Truro, Nova Scotia, 1897-1914  2009
Careless, J.M.S.  Mid-Victorian Liberalism in Central Canadian Newspapers, 1850-67  1950
Careless, J.M.S.  Brown of the Globe  1959
Carew, T.D.  Journalism in Newfoundland  1937
Carey, James W.  Harold Adams Innis and Marshall McLuhan  1968
Carey, James W.  Canadian communication theory: Extensions and interpretations of Harold Innis  1975
Carey, James W.  Culture, Geography and Communications: The Work of Harold Innis in an American Context  1981
Carey, James W.  Space, time and communications: A tribute to Harold Innis  1989
Carey, James W.  The Roots of Modern Media Analysis: Lewis Mumford and Marshall Mcluhan  1997
Carey, James W.  Marshall McLuhan: Geneology and Legacy  1998
Carey, James W.  Innis 'in' Chicago: Hope as the sire of discovery  1999
Cavanagh, Richard P.  The Development of Canadian Sports Broadcasting 1920-78  1992
Charland, Maurice  Technological Nationalism  1986
Christopher, Robert J.  Robert and Frances Flaherty: A Documentary Life, 1883-1922   2005
Clark, A.J.  Extracts From a Niagara Newspaper of 1810  1926
Clippingdale, Richard T.  J.S. Willison, Political Journalist: from Liberalism to Independence, 1881-1905  1970
Cohen, Hart  Margins at the centre: Innis' concept of bias and the development of Aboriginal media  1993
Cohen-Almagor, Raphael  The Terrorists’ Best Ally: The Quebec Media Coverage of the FLQ Crisis in October 1970  2000
Collins, Richard  The metaphor of dependency and Canadian communications: The legacy of Harold Innis  1986
Collins, Richard  Culture, Communication and National Identity: The Case of Canadian Television  1990
Comor, Edward  Harold Innis and the 'Bias of Communication'  2001
Conrad, Margaret  Art of Regional Protest: The Political Cartoons of Donald McRitchie, 1904-1937  1991
Cook, Ramsay  Dafoe, Sifton and the formation of the Union Government  1961
Cook, Ramsay  Politics of John W. Dafoe and the Free Press  1963
Cook, Ramsay  The Dafoe-Sifton Correspondence 1919-1927  1963
Cooper, Thomas William  The Unknown Innis  1977
Cooper, Thomas William  Pioneers in Communication: the lives and thought of Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan  1980
Couture, Paul M.   The Vichy-Free French Propaganda War in Quebec, 1940 to 1942  1978
Craick, W. Arnot  A History of Canadian Journalism  1959
Creighton, Donald  Harold Adams Innis: Portrait of a scholar  1957
Creighton, Donald  Innis: An appraisal  1981
Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander  The news of Niagara a century ago  1926
Cumming, Carman  The Toronto Daily Mail, Edward Farrer and the question of Canadian-American union  1989
Cumming, Carman  Secret craft: the journalism of Edward Farrer  1992
Cumming, Carman  Sketches from a Young Country: The Images of Grip Magazine  1997
Cupido, Robert  The Medium, the Message and the Modern: The Jubilee Broadcast of 1927  2002
Cuplinskas, Indre  En Masse: French Canadian Students, Catholicism, and Mass Media  2012
Dawson, Robert J. Macg.  Your Name Here: The Evolution of Bryce's Commercial Arithmetic  2009
Desbarats, Peter  Canadian illustrated news, 1869-1883: Canada's first national magazine  1970
Desbarats, Peter  The hecklers: a history of Canadian political cartooning and a cartoonists' history of Canada  1979
Desbarats, Peter  Cable Television and Federal Election Campaigns in Canada  1991
Desbarats, Peter  The Special Role of Magazines in the History of Canadian Mass Media and National Development  2001
Desmond, Robert W.  Crisis and Conflict: World News Reporting Between Two Wars 1920-1940  1982
Dewar, Kenneth C.  The origins of public broadcasting in Canada in comparative perspective  1982
Dick, Lyle  Nationalism and Visual Media in Canada: The Case of Thomas Scott's Execution  2004-2005
Donnelly, Murray  Dafoe of the Free Press  1968
Donoghue, Jack  The Edge of War  1988
Dorland, Michael  So Close to the State/s: The Emergence of Canadian Feature Film Policy  1998
Doyle, Arthur T.  Front Benches and Back Rooms  1977
Druick, Zoe  Re-examining the 1950s National Film Board Films about Citizenship  2000
Druick, Zoë  Projecting Canada: Government Policy and Documentary Film at the National Film Board  2007
Druick, Zoë  Allan King's A Married Couple  2010
Drystek, Henry  Daily press and the Beauharnois Power project 1928-1933  1976
Dupuis, Michael  William R. Plewman, The Toronto Daily Star, and the Reporting of the Winnipeg General Strike  2006
Dupuis, Michael   Main Johnson: Reporting the Winnipeg General Strike for the Toronto Star  2007
Dupuis, Michael  A Unique Career in Canadian Journalism: William R. Plewman of the Toronto Daily Star  2007
Dupuis, Michael   The Response of the Toronto Daily Star to the "On-to-Ottawa" Trek and the Regina Riot  2010
Dupuis, Michael G.  The response of the Toronto daily press to the Winnipeg General Strike  1973
Eaman, Ross A.  Channels of influence: CBC audience research and the Canadian public  1994
Earle, Neil  Hockey as Canadian popular culture: Team Canada 1972, television and the Canadian identity  1995
Easton, K. J.  Building an industry: a history of cable television and its development in Canada  2000
Edge, Marc  Pacific Press: Vancouver's newspaper monopoly, 1957--1991  2001
Edge, Marc  Asper Nation: Canada's Most Dangerous Media Company  2007
Edge, Marc  An Accidental Success Story: The Forced Diversification of Quebecor Media  2011
Edge, Marc  Public Benefits or Private? The Case of the Canadian Media Research Consortium  2013
Edge, Marc and Hardt, Karl   Doing It For Themselves: Striking Newsworkers Publish the Castlegar Citizen, 2000-2005  2006
Edwards, Nina L.  The establishment of papermaking in Upper Canada  1947
Edwardson, Ryan  The Many Lives of Captain Canuck: Nationalism, Culture, and the Creation of a Canadian Comic Book Superhero  2003
Ellis, D.  Evolution of the Canadian Broadcasting System: Objectives and Realities, 1928-1968   1979
Ellison, Jennifer  Our most charming girls: Female athletes in Canadian advertisements, 1928 to 2002  2002
Errington, Jane  The lion, the eagle, and Upper Canada: a developing colonial ideology  1994
Evans, Gary  John Grierson and the National Film Board: The Politics of Wartime Propaganda 1939-1945  1985
Evans, Gary  In the National Interest: A Chronicle of the National Film Board of Canada from 1949 to 1989   1991
Evans, Gary  John Grierson: trailblazer of documentary films  2005
Ewashen, Larry A.  Doukhobors and the Media  1995
Fairley, Margaret  The Selected Writings of William Lyon Mackenzie: 1824-1837  1960
Fauteux, Aegidius  The introduction of printing into Canada: a brief history  1930
Fauteux, Brian  The Development of Community Radio in Quebec: The Rise of Community Broadcasting in Late 1960s and Early 1970s Canada  2008
Ferguson, C. Bruce  Alderman Abbie Lane of Halifax  1976
Ferguson, G. V.  John W. Dafoe  1948
Ferguson, Ted  Kit Coleman, Queen of Hearts  1979
Fetherling, Doug  The Rise of the Canadian Newspaper  1990
Fiamengo, Janice  The Woman’s Page: Journalism and Rhetoric in Early Canada  2008
Filion, Michel  Broadcasting and cultural identity: the Canadian experience  1996
Fink, Howard, and Morrison, Brian  Canadian National Theatre on the Air, 1925-1961: CBC-CRBC-CNR Radio Drama in English, a Descriptive Bibliography and Union List  1983
Fleming et al, eds  History of the Book in Canada  2004
Flint, David  William Lyon Mackenzie: Rebel Against Authority  1971
Fooks, Georgia G.  The Lethbridge Herald: Factors involved in joining chain  1979
Ford, Arthur R.   Canadian Press  1942
Forsyth, Scott  The Failures of Nationalism and Documentary: Grierson and Gouzenko  1991
Fortner, Robert S.  Messiahs and monopolists: a cultural history of Canadian communications systems, 1846-1914  1978
Fortner, Robert S.  Radio, Morality and Culture: Britain, Canada and the United States 1919-1945  2005
Fox, Jo  John Grierson, His ‘Documentary Boys’ and the British Ministry of Information, 1939-1942  2005
Frank, David   Short Takes: The Canadian Worker on Film  2000
Freeman, Barbara M.  Kit's kingdom: the journalism of Kathleen Blake Coleman  1989
Freeman, Barbara M.  Kathleen Blake Coleman: An Irishwoman becomes a Canadian pioneer journalist, 1889-1915  1990
Freeman, Barbara M.  The Media and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, 1966-1972  1994
Freeman, Barbara M.  Mother and Son: Gender, Class, and War Propaganda in Canada, 1939-1945  1995
Freeman, Barbara M.   Framing feminine/feminist: English-language press coverage of the hearings of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, 1968  1995
Freeman, Barbara M.  Same/Difference: The Media, Equal Rights and Aboriginal Women in Canada, 1968  1998
Freeman, Barbara M.  The Satellite Sex: the Media and Women’s Issues in English Canada, 1966-1971  2001
Freeman, Barbara M.  Beyond Bylines: Media Workers and Women's Rights in Canada  2011
Freeman, Barbara M.  ‘A Public Sense of Ourselves’: Communication and Community-building in Canada’s LesbiaNews/LNews, 1989–98  2011
Fremeth, Howard  The creation of Telesat: Canadian communication policy, Bell Canada, and the role of myth (1960 to 1974)  2005
Frick, N. A.  Image in the mind: CBC radio drama, 1944-1954  1987
Friesen, Gerald  Citizens and Nation: An essay on history, communication and Canada  2000
Friesen, Joe  Canada: a People's History as ‘Journalists' History  2003
Gabriele, Sandra  Gendering journalism (history): The emergence of the woman journalist, Toronto, 1880--1895  2004
Gabriele, Sandra  Gendered mobility, the nation and the woman's page: Exploring the mobile practices of the Canadian lady journalist, 1888–1895  2006
Gabriele, Sandra  Cross-Border Transgressions: The American Sunday Newspaper, the Lord’s Day Alliance and the Reading Public, 1890 to 1916  2011
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Gasher, Mike  Invoking Public Support for Public Broadcasting: The Aird Commission Revisited  1998
Gaudreault, André and Germaine Lacasse  The Introduction of the Lumière Cinématographe in Canada  1996
German, Daniel  Press censorship and the terrace mutiny: A case study in Second World War information management  1996/1997
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Godfrey, Donald G.  Canadian Marconi: CFCF, The Forgotten Case  1982
Godfrey, Donald G. and Spencer, David R.  Canadian Marconi: CFCF television from Signal Hill to the Canadian Television Network  2000
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Goheen, Peter G.  Canadian Communications circa 1845  1987
Goheen, Peter G.  The Impact of the Telegraph on the Newspaper in mid-Nineteenth Century British North America   1990
Goheen, Peter G.  The changing bias of inter-urban communications in nineteenth-century Canada  1990
Golebiowski, Laura   Oil discovery in Turner Valley: press reactions  2007
Goodwin, Rae E.  The Early Journalism of Sara Jeannette Duncan with a Chapter of Biography  1964
Goutor, David  The Canadian Media and the ‘Discovery’ of the Holocaust, 1944-1945  1996
Grandy, Karen  Bylines, Headlines, Gender Lines: Women in Canadian Business Magazine in the late 1970s  2011
Green, Ernest  Canada’s first electric telegraph  1927
Greenhill, Ralph  Canadian photography: 1839-1920  1979
Grigg, Trevor W. A  Text and context: "The romance of Canada" and the construction of a national imagination  1989
Gruneau, Richard and
Whitson, David
Hockey Night in Canada: sport, identities, and cultural politics  1993
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Heyer, Paul  History from the Inside: Prolegomenon to the" Memoir of Harold Adams Innis Covering the Years 1894-1922  2004
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