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Welcome! I created this site because I found it difficult to find sources for my PhD dissertation. No central bibliography existed on the Web containing citations of articles and books about media history in Canada. In many library databases, sources on Canadian topics often are not categorized as "media history" even though they have something to offer to the field; this database includes those kinds of sources as well as the ones explicitly written about media in the past. I hope it will help students find sources and help media historians develop a common set of readings that can provide the foundation for this emerging field.

As this is a public, scholarly resource, I encourage you to submit details of sources that are missing, along with an abstract if you've read them. To ensure credit is given, your name will be included alongside the abstract in the specific record.

I must thank Ellie Babadi for consultation on the programming and Gene Allen for an initial list of Canadian media history sources to get the database started.

I hope you find the database useful,

Duncan Koerber, PhD